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WEEKDAY GAMES: Unlock the Snack Bar at 4:00 Tuesday – Thursday. Close 30 minutes after last game ends.

(One BMOD shift:  4:00-Close)

SATURDAY GAMES: Unlock Snack Bar at 7:30 am / Close 30 minutes after last game ends.

(Two BMOD shifts:  7:30-12:30pm and 12:30pm-close (5:30ish?)


1. Unlock safe, count cash in zippered blue bag and fill in green sheet “Opening Cash” – make sure to sign it.

2.  Unlock and open cash register and place cash in drawer. 

3.  Unlock Snack bar, roll up windows 8:00am or earlier if snack bar is ready.

4.  Introduce yourself to volunteers so that they know who to track down if needed

CLOSING DUTIES (bank supplies in file box on next to safe)

1.       Count out $150 in small bills ($1s, $5s and $10s) and put in blue bag, leave coins in register.

2.       Count balance of cash.  Have a second board member count the cash and sign to confirm amount. NEED 2 BOARD MEMBER SIGNATURES

3.       Fill out Deposit slip and endorse checks with stamp.

          Note total amount of cash and list checks on deposit slip.

4.       Put cash, checks and deposit slip in stamped envelope. Drop in top safe.

5.       Place blue bag with $150 to bottom safe.

6.       Fill in same green sheet that was used to open. Please sign sheet and place in folder in file box on top of safe.

7.       Collect green payout half sheets; use these to fill out yellow sheet (Pay Out tally for field crew, umpires, Wendy and other paid snack bar workers).  Staple green sheets for the day to completed yellow sheet. Place in treasurer’s folder in container kept on top of safe.


1.       Sign Volunteer sheets (blue half sheets), give to volunteer to place in Volunteer coordinator folder in rolling rack.

2.       Sign and payout umpires ($20/$25), field crew ($8 per hr.) and “paid” snack bar staff with cash from register.  Sign completed green sheet and place in rack that is affixed on wall near cash register.

3.       Check register throughout day to place larger bills and cash in excess of $150 in safe. Place in top safe. 

4.       Assist the snack bar staff when items may need to be purchased, summoning field crew, assisting to move the customers through when the lines are long, fixing things etc.  Be on call to help.

BMOD PERK:  Free meal and drinks for you (only) while on duty.

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